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澳门新浦京:Finally, the long-awaited flying car is almost here.再一,人们期待已久的飞行中汽车就要面世了。AeroMobil, a Slovakian company, plans to start selling its creation, the AeroMobil 3.0, in 2017.斯洛澳门新浦京伐克公司“AeroMobil”计划在2017年预售创新新品AeroMobil 3.0。The company claims on its site that the vehicle transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane by using existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes.AeroMobil在官网上发文称之为,这款飞行中汽车“能利用现有的汽车和飞机基础配备”,“在几秒内从汽车变为飞机”。The vehicle is gas-powered and has wings that fold, which allows it to be parked like a car, though it is nearly 20 feet long.AeroMobil 3.0是汽油动力车,两翼可拆卸,折起后可以像长时间车辆一样停站,不过,该车车身宽将近20英尺(大约6米)。

The companys web site features a video where the AeroMobil 3.0 drives out of a hangar and goes down a highway, sharing the road with regular cars until it arrives at an airstrip. The car then unfolds its wings and takes off from a stretch of grass, rather than a paved tarmac, and flies through the air like any other small airplane.AeroMobi在官网发布了讲解视频。视频中,AeroMobil 3.0从飞机库中驶往高速路,和普通汽车一起行经。转入飞机滑行道后,它张开双翼,没从平缓的柏油路面降落,而是在草场上升空,像其他任何小型飞机一样在空中飞翔。AeroMobil spokesman Stefan Vadocz said his company hasnt nailed down an exact price because its not ready yet.AeroMobil的发言人史蒂芬·瓦多茨回应,公司目前还并未回应款飞行中汽车展开明确定价,因为产品仍未几乎成型。

The prototype is a work in progress, he said in an email. But he said to expect the price to be several hundreds of thousands of euros, somewhere in between a sports car and a light sports aircraft.他在邮件中写到:“原型机仍在生产中。”价格预计不会在数十万欧元,介于跑车和轻型运动类飞机之间。


The vehicle seats two people—the pilot and a passenger—and its single propeller is located to the rear of the plane.AeroMobil 3.0可容纳两人:一名驾驶员和一名乘客。其单螺旋桨坐落于飞机尾部。The company said the cars top speed on the road is at least 99 mph and while flying is at least 124 mph. It can fly for 435 miles before running out of gas.AeroMobil公司说道,AeroMobil 3.0飞行中汽车在地面的最低时速最少99英里(大约159千米),空中的最低时速最少约124英里(大约199千米)。

一剩箱油可以反对435英里(大约700千米)的飞行中。It has a steel framework and carbon coating and is powered by a Rotax 912, a four-cylinder aircraft engine from BRP of Austria.这款车内部有钢架结构,外部是碳涂层,奥地利BRP公司生产的四缸“Rotax 912”航空引擎为其获取动力。


Flying cars arent exactly new. The concept has been around since long before The Jetsons popularized the idea in the 1960s. Its been a regular topic in Popular Science ever since World War I ace Eddie Rickenbacker wrote about it in 1924.飞行中汽车这个概念并不新鲜。虽然这个概念随着动画片《杰森一家》的播映风行于上世纪60年代,但只不过在那之前,它早已不存在很幸了。


1924年,第一次世界大战的王牌飞行员艾迪·里尼克巴克写了这个设想,之后,飞行中汽车的概念就经常沦为《大众科学》杂志上的话题。But getting a practical, reliable flying car off the ground has been a serious challenge.不过,想用上简单又安全性的飞行中汽车仍然是个不利的挑战。

Glenn Curtiss, a rival of the Wright Brothers, discovered this in 1918 when he developed the Curtiss Autoplane. It turned out to be more of a hopper than a flyer, so it failed to take off with the public.格伦·柯蒂斯是莱特兄弟的竞争对手。1918年,他在研制柯蒂斯自动控制飞机时就找到了设计飞行中汽车的艰难之处。最后其实的与其说是不会“飞”的汽车,倒不如说是能“跳跃”的汽车,所以没能顺利面世。

The AeroMobil 3.0 has at least one competitor, the Terrafugia Transition, which also runs on gas and has folding wings. Terrafugia has said in the past that it plans to release the Transition into the market this year.AeroMobil 3.0早已最少有一个竞争对手了——某种程度为汽油动力、享有拉链机翼的“特拉弗吉亚变形者”。美国特拉弗吉亚公司曾回应将于今年开始销售这款飞车。